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Unpaid Internship - Web App Development

Build: Web applications and web sites using Python on the backend and Tailwind on the frontend.

Report: Submit a record of your work using GitHub

-- use commits on GitHub repo to explain what was done in the commit message and the actual code

Document: Use README.md or equivalent on a regular ongoing basis

-- Include updated screenshots

-- May be used for promotion to the public in the future.

-- Intern may be asked to build additional promotional content such as a blog post.

Collaborate: Using GitHub issues, comments, commit messages

-- use email and chat as needed Example Projects

-- Create Django website template for case study story base site oppkey.com content using case study story template - prototype

Additional Technologies:

-- Python version control: pipenv, pyenv

-- Pre built HTML and CSS components for things like buttons and sidebars

-- AWS

-- Vercel

-- SQL

last updated: 1-8-2024
posted by: jcasman

"Thanks to Oppkey, I learned how to use web frameworks and was able to transfer the knowledge I gained in my Python framework internship project at Oppkey to my personal learning of Ruby on Rails. The internship dramatically shortened the time I needed to kickstart my web framework skills."


San Jose State University

"My favorite part of the Oppkey internship was using GitHub for collaborative development. In addition to the git branch and pull request workflow, I enjoyed completing GitHub issues and getting the issues marked as closed."


UC Irvine

"Working at Oppkey is an amazing journey. Being remote full-time, I balance my life while exploring Silicon Valley technology. Direct collaboration with Silicon Valley clients is challenging yet rewarding. It's a constant learning adventure that keeps me growing. Every day is a new chance to enjoy and excel, making Oppkey a fulfilling experience."


public relations associate, Oppkey

"Oppkey internships are carefully designed to be valuable learning experiences where people gain hands-on knowledge of technologies that are in high-demand by employers."


president, Oppkey