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Our story

Oppkey is a developer relations company. We amplify the authentic voices in the commmunity to seed outrageous innovation and expansion into new markets. A long time ago, we ran marketing and public relations for some of the largest and most influential technology groups in the world. Despite high costs and major investments in PR, branding, messaging, advertisement and social, we heard consistent feedback from developers that they had not actually used the technologies we represented. We identified the problem as a structural problem with internal communications. Inside a company, developers are busy building the product. This makes it expensive for them to help external developers. The solution was in front of us all along. We just needed to talk to more people. Oppkey builds communication channels in a developer community that consists of your staff, partners, customers, hobbyists, and technology influencers. To accelerate community growth, Oppkey has a network of technologists around the world who can rapidly seed content and engage with your existing community.


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Technical Posts Written by Oppkey Network

"The information in the community that Oppkey built is amazing. This solved my problem."

Dahlo Park, Senior Engineer at Teelabs - Indoor mapping.


A successful developer-focused community is the best marketing that money can buy for technical products. Our formula works because we bridge the gap between marketing and development. A marketing firm can’t build a developer’s community, but Oppkey can.


We love our work. We felt like community building is what we were aiming for all along, working in open source, learning sysadmin and programming skills, and enjoying talking with developers. It brings great satisfaction to see that our work directly helps interesting people build great products.