Connecting Dissimilar Communities

Oppkey builds documentation, communities, and events to showcase your great technology to attract amazing developers. Our interactions with communities revolve around the key idea that if you give something of value, you will get something of value back. This technique allows our clients to connect closely with technical decision makers and recommenders.


Run your software, test your API, improve developer documentation. Write usage examples in Markdown, commit to shared GitHub repos. Manage community documentation and use cases. Promote tutorials and examples on Reddit, Hacker News, Discord.


Online and physical events/workshop management. Content creation for events. Write and place contributed articles on DZone,, CodeProject and other dev blogs as well as traditional technology news publications.


Identify what information will reach target audience. Manage forum interactions and piece together knowledge of problems and solutions provided by community but not well summarized.

We ❤️ Our Clients

RICOH THETA camera line- 360 image processing, photogrammetry, point clouds, HTTP API programming , AR/VR, AI, Tensorflow, OpenCV, mobile app development

OpenJS Foundation – Node, JavaScript, webpack, dojo, jQuery, Electron, nvm

R Consortium – Data science, big data, data visualization

CD Foundation – Jenkins, JenkinsX, Spinnaker, Tekton,

OpenAPI Initiative – Microservices, REST, gRPC, GraphQL, JSON Schema

DENT – Open source network operating system

AlmaLinux – Enterprise Linux distribution

TuxCare – Support, maintenance, and security for enterprise Linux systems

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