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Reaching New Developers in Pharmaceuticals with 716 New Developer Webinar Registrations

Maximizing Reach and Engagement with Developer Webinars: A Strategic Approach to Pharma Developer Outreach


The flexibility, extensibility, and robust statistical capabilities of R make it a valuable tool in pharmaceutical research and development. Professionals in the industry can use R to analyze and interpret data, generate insights, and support decision-making processes. How to reach out to them? Not enough people are aware of the tools and resources available and the information that the R Consortium provides. User groups and Working Groups specific to pharmaceutical issues can create important professional connections. Lack of information slows progress.


Promoting a developer webinar effectively involves leveraging the speaker's expertise to attract and engage the target audience. Oppkey highlighted speaker credentials, crafted content that highlighted the significant technical progress and integration with the FDA approval process (unique value), collaborated on content creation with the speakers, and engaged in social media channels outside of normal R Consortium audiences (like Reddit). By strategically integrating the speaker's expertise into our promotional efforts, Oppkey helped build anticipation and attracted a more engaged audience to the webinar.


The R Consortium is working with experts in regulatory submissions - submitting proposals to the FDA using the R programming language, instead of spreadsheets - which is of interest to a wide range of pharmaceutical professionals. Oppkey worked with the R Consortium Working Group team, including professionals from Roche, Eli Lilly, and the FDA and implemented a comprehensive social media campaign, blog post, and dedicated webinar page. Oppkey reached new researchers using, Mastodon and Reddit. The objective was to amplify the visibility of R Consortium’s pivotal R/Adoption Series, specifically focusing on the ‘R and Shiny in Regulatory Submissions’ webinar.


R Consortium


Developer Webinar

The Process

The process was underpinned by a collaborative effort, with Oppkey’s team working closely with developers from the FDA, Roche, and Eli Lilly to plan and execute the webinar. The promotional strategy included creating engaging and informative content, notably a blog post and webinar summary page, which were disseminated via the R Consortium’s webinar and blog. Compelling social media content was crafted, with a calculated posting schedule to maintain momentum and interest lending up to the webinar. Additionally, custom-tailored social posts were provided to Roche and Eli Lilly, enabling them further to augment the webinar’s promotion through their networks.

The Result

The execution of this multifaceted promotional strategy culminated in remarkable registration figures, with 716 interested participants registered prior to the webinar’s commencement. During the live session, attendees' engagement peaked with a simultaneous presence of 325 individuals. Originally slated for 1 hour and 30 minutes, the webinar’s extensive attendee interaction, particularly in the Q&A and chat segment, led to an extension, culminating in a comprehensive two-hour session that included more than 30 minutes of Q&As. This active participation and extended engagement underscored the promotional strategy's success in attracting and retaining pharmaceutical developers' attention.

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