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Building a global user group of 80,000 data scientists in 39 countries

Scaling R User Groups around the world by combining Oppkey’s network of technical and engineering writers with leaders in the R Community


With interviews, blog posts, social media, and events promotion, the R Consortium gives grants and promotes the R language in industries around the world, cementing our client as the center of R activities around the world. But nobody know about this important support. When the R User Groups (RUGS) were approached, they rarely had time to blog about their group and their meetings.


Oppkey set up interviews that require little time, drafted blog posts with specific details on the organizer, the industries the members come from, key presentations, example projects, and more. This information created energy and communications, and the R Consortium has become the undisputed leader in promoting RUGS around the world.


To scale the technique, Oppkey works with writers around the world in places like Pakistan, Mexico, Malawi and more. We are able to do 4-8 blog posts per month. Posting to Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and other sites has helped to bring a growing following and helped a steadily increasing membership for the R Consortium.


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The Process

We build the questions for the RUGS ahead of time. We prep the writers. We track their drafts and payment closely. Training and close management provide excellent information about RUGS around the world.

The Result

For the 6 months from June - November 2022, LinkedIn followers, a key metric defined by the R Consortium, increased 73% up to 4,083 followers.

“ Oppkey helped elevate the visibility of our work with RUGS, which is a key activity of the R Consortium. The energy and inventiveness of so many user groups around the world is just fantastic, and Oppkey helped unlock that ”

Joseph Rickert, R Consortium Board Chair

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