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Check camera status during internal stitching


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Oppkey THETA ATK is a toolkit of API testing tools for RICOH THETA 360° cameras, including THETA Z1, THETA SC2, and THETA V. The tools and site are independent projects run by Oppkey. The site receives sponsorship from RICOH, but it is not an official RICOH site.

If you need additional help with the API, please post to the forum. You can also direct message Oppkey president Jesse Casman on the forum @jcasman. If you cannot create an account on the forum, send Oppkey an email at

Oppkey is a developer relations firm helping people understand and use APIs created by some of the world's leading technology organizations. We are located in Palo Alto and San Francisco in California.

Why we ask for email

Although .guide is an independent site, we receive sponsorship from RICOH. In order to justify the value of this site to our sponsor, we report back to RICOH on popularity metrics for different types of content. .guide does not sell anything and there are no paid ads or endorsements on our sites. We succeed if the content we provide is of use to people.

There is little public documentation on the ricohapi GitHub READMEs and web sites about API usage and workarounds. We are slowly collecting tests from the community and augmenting community tests with our own tests. The process takes time. There are still many gaps in the API usage documentation and it will take more time to solve these problems. Registration helps us verify the value of our work with the community. Thank you.

If you ever find information on this site that is useful, please let us know or let someone at RICOH know. The effort by you will help all of us to continue the exchange of community content.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Jesse Casman ( and Craig Oda ( of Oppkey

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