Establish Whamcloud as leader of open source community


Open source project assets bought by Sun, then Oracle... Open source project had no home and no leader


150+ articles, Company acquired by Intel for est. $70 million


Oppkey Solution for Whamcloud


Oppkey developed a public message strategy that emphasized strengths, team, and engineering focus. This increased confidence in the overall Lustre open source community, which felt victimized by too much change and uncertainty.  Clarity around Lustre led to the perception of leadership of Lustre by Whamcloud.


1 messaging matrix created to keep team constantly focused on the main priority:

Lustre is in good hands!


2 prioritized messages around stability, since Lustre was known as good but hard to maintain.

Lustre is stable!


3 constant drumbeat of ecosystem news: DDN, NetApp, Fujitsu and other well-known vendors in the space all made announcements with Whamcloud.

Everyone uses Lustre!


Key components:

      Focus on tech PR, building relationships with media, and providing good information and quick responses.

      Added a bit of swagger in a slow-moving space. Since we had the very best Lustre engineers, having a little fun at the same time significantly boosted awareness.



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